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Where is Sibai Precision factory located?
The plant of Sibai Precision Works Limited is situated close to the raw material resource of machine components . Therefore, We're able to decrease the transport cost which impacts hugely the expense of the manufacturing and surrender maximum gain to our customers. Local access to skilled and semi-skilled manpower contribute to the efficient functioning of our plant life.

Sibai Precision is engaged in the production of Laser Photonics and Optical Parts items and aluminium die castings products. cold plate produced by Sibai Precision is very popular in the market. The product has a high sweeping capacity. It is designed with the maximum areas for cleaning or absorbing the particles. All the crucial dimensions of the product will be 100% checked. People are suggested to use this product to create their dream bathroom or washroom which will be envied by others. It is fully developed by over 100 staff who is professional in mechanical research, design, and production.

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