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what is a colonoscopy & how do i prep for it?

by:Sibai      2020-03-02
Will the idea of doing a colonoscopy scare you?
Ah, what do you want me to have? ! ! ! !
Where are you going to put? ! ! !
I have a lot of friends who would rather have their teeth removed without any nokain than have a colonoscopy.
You may have heard the phrase \"I \'d rather die of cancer than do a colonoscopy\", the fact is, if you don\'t finish your colonoscopy while you\'re a doctor, you may die of cancer advice and colon cancer more painful and awkward than taking a camera for 30 minutes.
Colon cancer is one of the few cancers that are easy to detect, and it is easy to treat once found early.
Throw this in your head.
Colon cancer-
It is easy to detect and treat if found early.
How did you find colon cancer?
Usually at the age of 50, an appointment is made and a colonoscopy is performed as part of a regular physical examination, but some doctors are now talking about the first physical examination at the age of 40.
Then the second one at 50.
On this page, I will share with you my recent colonoscopy and list the resources so that you can learn more about it before completing the procedure.
On this page I will be very open and frank if you think it might offend you and then I suggest you leave now & get this information from your doctor, or you can play with me and be a little tough. Ok, ready. . . let\'s go.
Some of the people in the program put it-
The last thing I remember was being pushed forward to the small room where the doctor, the anesthetist and the equipment were located.
To confirm that I did have a colonoscopy there, the doctor asked me why I was there (
This is a standard hospital issue to make sure they have the right patient for the correct procedure).
Once I told him I was there to take a picture of my ass and he smiled and they gave me sleepy juice in my IV and then I knew, I woke up from a very secure sleep in my room.
The whole process lasted only 30 minutes.
This section is very short. isn\'t it?
Because I don\'t remember anything.
I think I might dream of going back to kauavel and I can say that the night before the preparation part!
It\'s time for Los Angeles.
Ramado (if not most)
You get a combination of two different drugs when you have a colonoscopy.
The first is to relax you and get you into light sleep, and the second is the amnesia medication that helps you forget.
So if you try to pick up a nurse or perform for a doctor they will remember but you won\'t --Whew -
Don\'t you feel better now?
Unlike the big surgery, this combination allows you to sleep, but you will not wake up groggy and will not be hanged.
You also don\'t have some side effects that can occur during longer surgery.
I know it\'s kind of like our first date and we don\'t know each other very well --
But hell, I\'m a Woodstocker, so let me show you my colon.
I won\'t tell you if you don\'t tell me. Funny thing. . .
I never received an ultrasound photo when I was pregnant, but here I got my internal organs photo and when I removed the gallbladder they also gave me these pictures.
They found, removed and biopsy 3 polyps.
I have had malignant melanoma in the past, and fortunately these polyps were caught in time.
If I postpone it for a few more years. . .
I don\'t want to think about it.
I also found out that I had diverticul\'s room condition.
But it\'s no big deal.
If these photos don\'t make sense to you, don\'t worry, they don\'t make any sense to me either unless the doctor explains what I\'m looking.
It\'s hard to see, but the area with lighter colors (
The eruption that looks like a pimples)
Polyps, right? On the last photo in the bottom row, the back is the diverticul chamber disease (
Basically dents on the wall).
Can become a sputum (
Where the dents are large, food such as nuts may get stuck)
But probably not.
Arriving at the hospital and settling in, they usually schedule a colonoscopy early in the morning.
I think it\'s because your colon has a chance to be filled with garbage again.
When the doctor starts putting the camera on your ass, it blows the air so it can open the colon wall.
Now, if they arrange these procedures later in the day, there may be some. . . well you know. . . .
Was bombed.
I booked at 5: 30 a. m. so I had to get there at 5: 00 a. m.
After a quick look at my health history (
They have got information from my doctor\'s office)
They just need to double check some facts and make sure you don\'t have any food and water after midnight.
Put on the dress right away.
I was surprised to find that I could put on my shirt and socks.
It feels like I\'m going to be in a porn movie.
You know, leave your socks on something.
Anyway, if you have anything to eat or drink after midnight, you may have to reschedule the procedure because if you have anything in your stomach during anesthesia, you can spit out your brain.
The only exception is if there are certain drugs that allow you to take a sip of water 2 hours before the scheduled time.
You should also realize that you can\'t even eat chewing gum or breathe mints
So brush your teeth so that you don\'t stun the hospital staff when you talk.
Now it\'s time to stick with the IV and the \"magic potion\" will flow there soon.
Okay, it\'s time to take pictures.
Clicking on the photo above will take you to Wikipedia-
But please don\'t leave us. the fun is just beginning.
This is the video of the famous Katie courick.
It is this video on TV that reminds many people of the importance of colonoscopy once you are 50 years old or your doctor recommends it.
Since Katie will be photographed during the procedure, she is given a rather light calming effect.
I am like most patients ----
100% great videos for your colonoscopy are well worth watching, which will make you feel more informed and relaxed.
The day before preparation, or as I said, before I begin to scare you, I will say very honestly --95.
9% of people had no problem the day before they were ready, and I will tell you what is the difference between my personal hell night and most people.
On the day before the colonoscopy there are several different ways of preparation, each hospital, medical center or outpatient has its own specific way of preparation, so you have to follow their instructions--
I can\'t emphasize this too much.
The day or night before preview means emptying your colon and there are many different ways to do it.
Some facilities will give you a pill the afternoon before, others will let you take the laxative medicine and then do the enema.
This is the part that scares me.
I \'ve seen those few feet of good Colon cleaning photos and only know what\'s on your ass.
Oh, the horror of all this! I\'m ready.
Bought a large bag of toilet paper & the hospital suggested buying those baby wipes and said I would basically shit for hours. Oh, lucky me.
OK, this is the preparation note I received (
Remember to consult your instructions with your doctor or hospital)
I am not able to take any blood thinners, aspirin, ibuprofen or NSAID IDs a week before colonoscopy (
I don\'t think so. I was easily defeated by that one)
If you have frequent constipation, you must take magnesium milk at eight o\'clock P. M. two days before your colonoscopy. (
Okay, no need)
I am sailing so far.
You can\'t eat any solid food the day before your colonoscopy (
Including any dairy products)
And there is only clear liquid.
This includes all the water, sports drinks like Gatorade (
Any flavor other than those in red), Kool Aid (again no red), ice pops (
No fruit dew or fruit-
No red, no soda (
No red, but Coke is OK)
Coffee or tea
No milk, Creamer and hard sugar.
Yes, no red.
You can also drink juice such as apples, white grapes and cranberry.
Cranberry is red.
How can you have this? )So far so good.
I felt great at three o\'clock P. M. the day before.
Take a bite of popsicle and chocolate on jello.
It\'s time to mix the premix at 4: 00 pm, but I have to take 4 Dulcolax pills before I do.
Now I want to mix up a large bottle of Miralax (238 grams)
There are 64 ounces of sports drinks, water or crystal lights.
Since there is no large bottle of mirarax in the store, I pick up two smaller bottles and mix each with a 32 oz Gatorade bottle.
I don\'t usually drink Gatorade or sports drinks, so I chose two different flavors (next time -
Yes, I will use the crystal light next time because I prefer the taste and I am used to it).
Miralax immediately dissolved but was told to put it in the fridge for 2 hours.
At 6: 00 in the afternoon, I have to start drinking to prepare 1 cup for every 10 cups.
15 minutes before it disappeared.
However, you have to be in 2-3 hours.
The hospital recommends drinking cold liquid with a straw. -so I did.
The first bottle of preparation started very well and there was no problem.
Miralax has no taste and absolutely no courage.
If I hadn\'t mixed it myself, I wouldn\'t have known it wasn\'t a regular sports drink.
When I started drinking the second bottle, I began to feel full because I drank and I felt more full until I felt like I couldn\'t drink anymore --bit I had to.
The last few ounces had to be forced (
Next time I will drink less during the day so that my stomach will not be filled with liquid until I start preparing).
Okay, I\'m starting to feel the urge to go to the bathroom.
That\'s what I\'m worried about.
Now, I think of all these pictures of cleaning the colon, I was afraid to go to the bathroom, but I had to go.
Hey, you know what?
Like my morning garbage.
I think it\'s a cake. I\'m cruising.
I thought I could solve the problem easily.
And the next thing I know is that I run to the bathroom.
Just succeeded--
Strangely, it looks like pure blue water (
I had a blue sports drink).
No disgusting poop or something.
The situation lasted several times.
To my surprise, I only ate a normal piece of garbage and then the rest of the time I went to the bathroom was Blue Water (
I drink blue sports drinks).
No diarrhea, no loose stool.
I don\'t know if it\'s average, but it surprised me.
What might be helpful (
But I\'m not sure 100%)
Just a few days ago, I happened to see a crystal lamp product that added fiber to it.
I picked it up because I liked the Crystal Light.
Maybe a few days ago there was extra fiber that helped \"the poop part of the preparation work \".
So now I eat a normal piece of garbage and 5 copies of blue water, so I think it\'s time to go to bed.
The instructions say that if it happens that the stool is not clear or yellow, you have to drink a bottle of magnesium citrate
Thankfully mine is blue because I can\'t drink anything if my life depends on it.
So I was watching TV and felt a little sick & I had to jump up and run to the bathroom because I felt like I was starting to growling. .
I was not very comfortable & there was beautiful blue liquid on the bathroom floor, I slipped on the floor and slammed and hit my head and felt very uncomfortable with my stomach, I was only lying for about 30 minutes before calling my husband for help.
My stomach has been very uncomfortable so far & for some unknown people this has caused panic attacks.
I don\'t know if you \'ve had panic attacks, but they\'re not fun at all.
I do sweat if I get one and I don\'t get the normal symptoms & my heart beats faster & Oh disgusting.
I need more nausea. By the way -
They tell you that if you happen to throw cookies on the liquid, you have to reschedule the time of your colonoscopy --
So I try my best to stop it.
But it\'s too hard.
I was worried that I would be too ill to go to surgery the next day.
So after lying on the floor for a while my husband helped me get up and clean the bathroom floor & I took a shower.
Oh my God, I feel good finally fell asleep before the alarm clock rang.
I still feel a little lame, but after about 45 minutes I start to feel like I was before and feel good again.
Took another shower.
Don\'t you like the shower?
They make you feel great)
Then leave and relax easily during colonoscopy.
Now you know why I started this shot with surgery instead of getting ready.
I don\'t want to scare you away, and what you need to know is that very few people get sick because they are ready to work.
I just have a weird reaction so please don\'t let my experience put pressure on you.
Be sure to read the following section on a simple colonoscopy as it is more of a \"normal\" experience for most people.
To be honest, the preparation part is a few hours more inconvenient for most people than any other part.
Since going through this completely clean thing, I feel better than it was for a long time.
My desire for carbs and sugar has disappeared.
I slept better and relaxed.
To feel good now, it\'s actually worth the hell night.
I do have good bruises on my hips from fall and a bit of a pain in my back, but it\'s cool and will go away.
Because I do have a history of cancer (
My latest breast X-ray recently \"failed . \"
But this is another story)
, From now on, I have to schedule my next colonoscopy for 2 years instead of a normal referral for 10 years.
I will not drink cold liquid the next time I come, but at room temperature.
I want to drink so much cold liquid and let me in soon.
I may not drink this liquid through a straw, just drink it.
Since I am used to these flavors, I mix the powder with crystal lights or water.
I wouldn\'t try to fill the liquid during the day either, but would be a little hungry.
I might also pick up a pack to Lean On (
Or other adult type stuff)
So you don\'t have to worry about accidents or run fast when you need them.
They may not be needed, but it is worth it to relax.
Sometimes there may be a little bit of blood when you remove the polyps
Don\'t worry. it\'s normal.
I didn\'t bleed and I found out most people didn\'t.
I think after my colonoscopy I may feel something and wonder if I will get pain the next time I defecate. Seriously -
You never knew you had a colonoscopy.
At least no side effects for me. (
When I got out of the hospital, I did put a bunch of fart-
But they are always quiet, only I know them)
But other than that, I feel \"normal\" because the drug is too light and I don\'t feel any side effects.
Yes, I did take a nap, but I didn\'t sleep the night before.
After my colonoscopy my first trash was like after 4 or 5 days & everything was OK --
If you call the wait a few days normally
But I think it will take a while to fill up if you clean it up completely (
I did eat a lot of fiber)
So it may take longer if you don\'t.
Jane\'s colonoscopy adventure, Jane is not her real name, but her story is real, and from what I know about most people\'s experiences, it should give you more confidence.
At 5: 00 p. m on May 10, Jane began to drink her bartending.
Her mixture is a little different from mine, but every hospital or doctor has a mixture that they like.
When she had just finished the first 8 ounces of glass, she had to use the bathroom (
Like your usual garbage).
When she was half
Through her third 8 oz glass, she found herself running to the bathroom, but this time --
Excuse for expression
She urinated on her ass-
I think you understand what I mean.
For the next 3 and 1/2 hours she went to the bathroom about 15 times and each time the bathroom was very water and light yellow.
I know it\'s hard to understand, but when you get to the part of the water, it\'s basically just the mixture you drink --
It\'s not like diarrhea, so it\'s not disgusting or smelly.
By 9: 00 in the afternoon, her stool was basically over and the evening was over.
When she woke up around 4: 00 in the morning (
Keep in mind that many colonoscopy are scheduled early in the morning)
She also has a pile of \"liquid\" garbage.
Her experience in preparation is what should be expected most. It\'s easy -
Sure, it\'s annoying to run to the bathroom a dozen times, but usually it\'s not as disgusting as I am.
Jane\'s colonoscopy sounded the same as mine, but she slept in the hospital for about 2 hours before waking up enough to drive home.
Keep in mind that you can\'t drive 24 hours due to the effects of the drug and someone has to accompany you to drive home.
She slept for about four hours when she got home. -
Not a groggy sleep, but a very relaxed sleep.
Do you have any comments you would like to share?
Maybe you \'ve done a colonoscopy and would like to share your experience, or let us know if we might make you slip a little less.
You can even stop after the surgery & tell us how it is.
Thank you for coming over today & please do not delay if your doctor suggests a colonoscopy.
So important!
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