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by:Sibai      2020-06-15
There is one employment exchange, which really cares and supports skilled professionals by providing placements in organizations of repute. India's numero one employment exchange is called '' which knows the value and respect of persons who are actual performers and play a big role in the functioning of the companies. Placement agencies and companies recruit candidates who are holding well a position having professional qualifications ignores the skilled professionals, general graduates and office staff. In our country, unemployment is a major problem. What we generally hear is that people are ready to do any job but jobs are not easily available in the market as companies focus on persons who have higher academic qualifications. Ludhiana being a centre of hosiery manufactures is called 'The Manchester of India'. There is a great demand of hosiery good in the developing as well as developed nations worldwide. It is also famous for automotive components cycle spare parts, sewing machines etc. For such organizations there is always a great demand of skilled, general and office staff person. Most of the skilled hailing from other states migrate to Punjab and undertake jobs to feed their families back at home. That's why; has been launch to take care of such persons so that they can be rightfully placed at a job suiting their skills. It's not an easy for industrial units or companies to hire tailors, fitters, ITI Trainers, waiters, stenographers etc. They send their employees to find these people or hang a notice board of requirement outside the entrance gate. KaamKaaj is an internet based recruitment service provider through which companies can easily find person who fall in the categories cited above. In every textile company, there is a need of tailors, cutter master, embroidery workers, sewing & cutting worker, checker etc. Same is with automotive manufactures they have a requirement of machine operators, fitters, maintenance mechanics etc. plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between the requirement of the business organizations and the rightful placement of such employees as mentioned in the preceding paragraphs.
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