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The new generation cleaning appliance to deep

by:Sibai      2020-03-27
Every manufacturer adopts different solutions to obtain the best steam quality that a steam cleaner can produce with the most reliable and durable system and three of these systems are below: * Placing the heating element inside the boiler This is the most common system. Boiler that has the heating element inside submerge in the water reaches the ready pressure/temperature more quickly. This system is subjected to limestone incrustation that a regular maintenance is needed to extend its lifetime. * Placing the heating element outside the boiler Placing the heating element outside the boiler will not submerge the heating element in the water, but takes a longer to reach the ready pressure/temperature. Since it is place outside, it is free from that limestone problem. * Heating plate under the bottom of boiler for instant steam generation This system may generate higher temperature inside the machine because heating plate is generally placed under the bottom of the boiler, but requires a good insulation. A good quality steam is generated with low humidity at high temperature and supplied in constant amount known as hot dry steam. It can allow a sufficient operating time according to the size of the area to be cleaned. Two Types of Steam Cleaner There are two types of steam cleaner available in the market today. 1. Single tank steam cleaner -- is the most common in the market consists of a boiler under pressure. One disadvantage of single tank steam cleaner is that once the water in the boiler ends, a safety device cut the current to the heating element. This makes the machine stop working until the boiler is refilled with water again. Steam cleaning or operation time depends on the boiler capacity which means the bigger the size, the more it can steam clean surfaces. When its tank is emptied, it needs to cool down first refilling the tank with new water before steam cleaning again which is very time consuming and limits the steam cleaning operation. 2. Twin Tank Steam cleaner -- a type of steam cleaner consists of a separate water tank and the boiler that allows refilling the machine at any time without waiting to cool down the machine. This feature of a steam cleaner is known as continuous refill. It has a special sensor inside that detects the water level. When the water reaches the bottom level the sensor sends the command to an electronic board that begins the pump. The pump then takes the necessary amount of water from the cold water tank and fills the boiler. This is how continuous refill works. No waste of time for refilling; fast heat up of steam and does not limit the operating time of steam cleaning.
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