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Steel Plate Fabricators in Knoxville

by:Sibai      2020-03-25
Steel Plate Fabricators has been fabricating metal for Knoxville and national customers since 1949. They have spent the last 60 years mastering the art of certified welding and metal fabrication using the industry's most advanced equipment and methods. Steel Plate Fabricators offers many services to several different types of industries, like: aircraft, medical, entertainment, electronics, environmental, architectural, semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, transportation and construction. Metal fabrication is a complicated process, so reviewing the services that Steel Plate Fabricators will make this unfamiliar process a little more recognizable. Laser Cutting and Scanning: Laser (Light Amplification for Stimulated Emission of Radiation) cutting is a technology that uses a computer to direct a high-output laser to the material that needs to be cut. The laser cuts the material by melting or vaporizing the point the computer directs the laser to cut. Laser cutting results in a clean, crisp edge. Laser cutting is used to cut sheets of metal, or by industry standards, used for piping and structural needs. Laser scanners are essential to the metal fabrication process. They are relatable to cameras, because they are pointed at a material and can only collect information from that material. When a photographer takes a picture, they are essentially gaining color information from the object they are capturing. Instead of collecting color information from an object, laser scanners collect distance data from an object. This way the operator of the laser scanner can more accurately direct the cutting mechanism to make a precise, clean cut. Punching and Shearing: One way to fabricate metal is through shearing and punching. The punch, or moving blade, pushes the metal against the upward moving shear. This results in a fundamental straight-line on a piece of metal. Steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze are ordinarily the types of metal that metal fabricators use the shearing and punching method on. Rolling and Finishing: There are several different types of metal rolling, and they are usually classified by the temperature used to form the metal. Hot rolling is usually used to create sheet metal, and occurs when the material reaches temperatures above recrystallization temperatures. Cold rolling is used for sheets, bars, and rods, and occurs when these materials are below recrystallization temperatures. Cold rolling increases the strength of the material, but cannot reduce the thickness of the material like hot rolling. Cold rolling is an essential process to improve the finish of the material. These are a few basics of the metal fabrication industry. Steel Plate Fabricators uses their expertise to competently use these techniques and more to fabricate metal, so if you or your company has any metal fabricating needs, they can help! If you are looking for Laser Cutting and Scanning, visit us at
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