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Shot Blasting uses high velocity steel abrasive

by:Sibai      2020-03-28
The yardstick for deciding on a particular type of Shot Blasting Machine depends upon the dimensions of the parts, the status of the surface to be cleaned, the actual specifications and the complete process required. Within the chamber of a shot blasting machine, a conveyor belt rotates in which the components are loaded. The process of giving the component a finishing touch through rigorous throws of Shots or Grits is initiated by activating the Rotor. The dust created as a result of the process is accumulated in the attached dust collector. On the conclusion of the requisite time period, the component is released and unloaded from the conveyor belt. Grit Blasting is basically a lingo used for abrasive blasting. It basically denotes the process of propelling an abrasive against a substrate in order to transmit a finished surface. Abrasive blasting uses abrasive materials such as coal slag, mineral abrasive, metallic abrasives, etc for the purpose of cleaning or to texturize any material. Abrasive Grit Blasting in the recent times have gained enough popularity and has become a vital process, not only in eliminating rusts but also in preparing surfaces so as to provide high performance coatings or to give the component a desired outlook as required by the end consumer. Sand blastingis the process which smooth's, shape's and cleans a hard surface by forcing the solid particles across the hard surface at high speeds. Sand Blasting Machine is a tool used for the process of surface altering or cleaning procedure throughout the industry. For example, sand blasting technique is commonly used for removing old paint or rust from the car. Compressed air is also used as an abrasive media to prepare the surface area for a coating of some sort. The process of sand blasting is generally conducted in a sand blasting cabinet containing a dust collector within designed for the same purpose so as to avoid the release of dust particles. Shot Peening is the process of carving the surface of a material with small lumps of steel, ceramic or glass pneumatically propelled at relatively high speed. Shot Peening Machine is specifically used for improving the fatigue strength of the components which are subjected to significant stress. Surface treatment procedures such as grinding, milling or heat treatment results in 'Tensile Residual Stress', which reduces the life of the component parts. Shot Peening Machine transforms the Tensile Residual Stress into 'Compressive Residual Stress' which substantially increases the life of the parts and their maximum load capacities. The above mentioned various machines like: Shot Blasting Machine, Grit Blasting Machine, Sand Blasting Machine and Shot Peening Machine can be made use of for giving the metallic components a finishing touch through proper modification.
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