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In 1975, Tom Dickenson founded K-Tec Incorporated

by:Sibai      2020-03-30
They started manufacturing commercial blenders that were used in smoothie shops, restaurants, and bars. In the commercial line of Blendtec blenders you can find many innovative features, such as blender motors built into the countertop and programmable blenders. After hitting several home runs with commercial blenders, Blendtec decided to start manufacturing home blenders. Blendtec created its Fine Living series of products specifically for the home. They are pleasing to look at and use the same technology as the commercial blenders. Blendtec's home blenders have been extremely popular all around the world. The following is a quick overview of what they have to offer. Blendtec's Total Blender If you've seen some of the crazy videos online you know what we're talking about here. Tom Dickenson uses this blender to blend all sorts of wild things. You'll see him blending golf balls and iPhones. All of them have been shredded to dust. I wouldn't worry about any ice chunks in your daiquiri with that kind of power. You get a three horsepower motor on this baby. With the touch of a button you can access up to six programmable settings. Blendtec also has Smart Touch technology on this blender. This is where the engine will speed up and slow down and then shut off when all of the ingredients are blended to perfection. You also get a choice of two or three quart containers. A three year warranty on all parts is also included. Blendtec's Connoisseur This is a very exclusive, top of the line blender. It is the first blender that can be built into a kitchen counter in a home. This blender is great for kitchen renovations or for use in custom built homes. It has an elegant look. The stainless steel modern platform is also a nice addition. The Connoisseur even has a countertop engine base that can be moved around if you need to. The 3 horsepower engine gets the job done. You also get Blendtec's 3 year warranty on this machine. The Mix n' Blend Machine The Blendtec shops have really outdone themselves with this mixer and blender combo machine. You get a bread kneading feature with the mixer and a 1,000 watt engine. So you can use it just like a bread maker as well. You won't lack for controls with this device. It has eight different blender settings and five different mixing cycles. This is certainly a real time saver. In addition, you'll get a large 64 ounce blender container and a full 4 quart bowl for mixing. Blendtec is certainly one of the best blender manufacturers in the world. You pretty much get what you pay for with the Blendtec. They run about $400 but they are well worth the price. Look at this blender as an investment. You will have it for many years to come and it will blend just about anything to perfection.
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