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I don't even know where I am going with my life

by:Sibai      2020-06-12
At first glance, you may be right. It may be easy to get discouraged, depressed, and wondering what the point is and even begin shutting down, not going out, or getting involved in activities. Your may feel you have so many things on your plate, you do not know where and how to begin and you certainly do not feel like celebrating at this moment. So, how do I get out of this turmoil and learn to juggle this life and yet be happy now, no matter what on the outside? To know how to stop and fully experience the wonders, peace and joy of this moment is not it seems an easy task and yet I suggest it is fully possible. For most, when we stop, the mind gets worried and it begins reminding us of all the things going wrong with our life and the many things we must do. Then, we may start feeling guilty since we should be doing something instead of sitting and contemplating. Start appreciating life in all its simplicity, and begin simply by breathing fully, then filling your eyes up with the beauty surrounding you. Giving a rest to the busy mind is necessary to feel peace within and fully experience the universe for what it is. Thank life everyday for what it has given you and then you can proceed with your activities and duties. Remember, maybe it is us who complicated things beyond what life is asking of us and what is expected of us. Creating space everyday for noticing life and all that is, and experiencing peace within, is a gift you give yourself. By doing so, everyday, and even just for a moment, you will notice that the space between you and life itself gets smaller. Actually, you will start feeling supported no matter what. Then, you allow life to embrace you, to carry you, and for joy and celebration to surprise you. One must learn to stop, notice, and go in. Take these moments to just be in harmony with this moment. Discipline yourself everyday to contact that sacred space within. You will be amazed at the outcome! And to support this work of contemplation, to help live the moment fully, to confirm that life is supporting us, to shine forth and celebrate our life, I suggest you use our Vibrational essence: Life Embrace. I have seen wonders with this combination. About Life Embrace There are times when one feels connected, wonderfully alive and supported. Living a moment intensely we may experience the wonderful realization that it is the very life stream that sustains us. What are those moments like? Under a great tree, one may feel rooted and joined to the earth, and like its boughs swaying against the sky able to greet life with open arms. How beautiful are the trees in life's embrace. The five trees in this mixture provide an energy matrix that can support us at a fundamental level. The Jack Pine essence has been prepared at one of the great native sacred sites in Canada, a place for inner vision and feeling the earth mother. It stands as a guardian of this sacred space and its essence offers protection and sanctity, allowing us to expand that sacred place within ourselves. Giant Sequoia impresses us not only with its stature but its radiant presence and fullness, as if it were to say I am here rejoicing in myself. Its message is that we too can take our place fully and unabashedly, acknowledging our true glory. The Atlas Cedar expresses nobility and sense of immediacy. It reminds us that this moment is not a dress rehearsal. This moment is it; therefore we may enjoin life by living each moment fully. The essential is distinguished from the non-essential. What more delicate sounds come then from the harp? Juniper Excelsa was used to make harps in biblical days. It is surrounded by an aura of elegant beauty, inspiring us to rise in grace and sensitivity. If you were to dance with the wildness and freedom of a tree in the wind, how wonderful this might feel. A delightful note is added to this mixture with the Sugar Maple essences. Its leaf is a perfect symbol of dynamic movement that remains in harmony and balance. The brilliant red, orange and yellow hues of its leaves in autumn express perhaps more than any other tree the changing of seasons and the ebb and flow of life. Over time as you take in the presence of the trees in this mixture you may experience a deepening awareness of life itself resonating within. Then one knows one is embraced by life and in turn one begins to welcome life in all its dimensions. Standing in your truth and fully engaging in your life with trust, this is what the essence is about. Along with that essence, if you feel the winter blues (SAD), or experience life too seriously or even withdrawn, you may also add our Red Alder essence. This essence brings cheerfulness, playfulness, laughter and joy. To learn more about the healing qualities of trees and to try our tree flower essence visit us at Namaste Celine Cloutier (aka Ma Sunder Gulabo)
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