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How many Sibai aluminum heat sink are sold per year?
Sibai Precision Works Limited aluminum heat sink is sold in an increasing number year by year. As we are always devoted to the quality guarantee in terms of product manufacturing and service providing, we have accumulated a large amount of customer base, some of whom are recommended by our existing customers. These customers give their full support and trust in us, and they maintain close relationships with us all the time. Half of our annual sales volumes should be attributed to them. Additionally, through online channels like promoting products on social media and promotional activities, our excellent sales team also brings us increased sales.
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Sibai Precision Works has a solid aluminium die castings manufacturing capability. The cold plate series has become a hot product of Sibai Precision Works. According to the specific customers requirements, we offer a wide range of cnc parts in various sizes, stainless steel flanges and etc. It ensures high use ratio of materials with the help of the mold design. This product is not susceptible to temperature variations. The ingredients contained would stay lazy when the temperature changes. It can be mass produced by 60 CNC machines.
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The spirit of cnc machine parts will not only represent Sibai Precision Works but also motivates employees to work diligently. Welcome to visit our factory!

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