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How about the minimum order quantity for ODM products?
For the minimum order quantity for ODM products, please consult our customer service. Once you provide us with conceptual information and detailed specifications, we will inform you of the design, prototyping and estimating the total cost of each unit cost before the project begins. We are committed to providing you with quality solutions through ODM services. We are experts in your field, just like you and you.

Sibai Precision Works Limited as a leading supplier of cnc milling services solutions is experiencing a great development in China. cnc machine parts is the main product of Sibai Precision. It is diverse in variety. Being rich in its unique design, sensor parts has received much more fame from customers at home and abroad. Kraft paper, bubble wrap, and carton are offered for the product to protect it against damage. The product has been a key part of kitchen renovations. It adds a new aesthetic to space as well as improved functionality. The product can withstand million times of punching.

The Sibai Precision brand is also designed to get higher recommendations from customers. Call now!
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