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Hammer crusher often result in transmission failure

by:Sibai      2020-03-29
The traditional method to solve the problems of hammer crusher is to welding or brush plating about aforementioned problems, but there are some drawbacks: thermal stress caused by welding high temperature can not be completely eliminated, causing material damage, resulting in parts to bend or break; and brush plating is restricted by coatings thickness so it peels off easily. And more two methods are used metal-repaired-metal, which can not change the 'hard on hard' relations of cooperation and will cause wear again. The repair method is uncommon in western countries .In contemporary Europe and the United States and other countries, they use repair method of polymer composites, which applies the most mature world blue (1st line) technology products. It has strong cohesive, excellent compressive strength comprehensive properties, and it can be spot repaired, such as disassembled, free-machine processing. Applying polymeric materials for repair welding is neither the effect of thermal stress thickness nor limit of fix thickness , at the same time metal materials with no deformability avoid to wear again by absorbing the shock and vibration, and greatly prolong the service life of the parts, and save a large amount of downtime for the enterprise, creating huge economic value. While power on, attention should be paid enough to check and make sure the material is evenly feeding, no excess, the particle size is not ultra-light, any problems should be solved in time. Avoid iron and other materials can not be crushed feeding into the crusher. It brings serious damage to crushers if feeding large blocks iron or other materials can not be crushed. Try to installate the iron removal conveyor device. If notice there is a strong crash during running, power off first and then check it. It is likely to have piece of metal fall to clear before turning on. Our main products include engineering machinery, milling machinery and construction machinery and so on. Nowadays, we specialize in the following machines:mobile crushing plants,stone crushers,grinding mill,sand making machine,feeder and screen,stone crushing plant,rock crushing plant,gravel crusher,coal crusher,etc.
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