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Does Sibai Precision have export licence?
As a small and medium-sized enterprise owner preparing to go international, Sibai Precision Works Limited has obtained an export license. We have extensive export experience for precision cnc machining parts . We are always ready to modify our products and services.

Sibai Precision specializes in the R&D, manufacture, sale and marketing of . sensor parts produced by Sibai Precision is very popular in the market. The product has good environmental adaptability. It is not easily affected by vibration, shock, bump, extrusion, dropping, and temperature. Its material produces little or even no dust. The product will simply look like a part of the building's permanent architecture, representing an asset to its appearance and value. It is fully developed by over 100 staff who is professional in mechanical research, design, and production.

As a growing firm, Sibai Precision today will attach more significance to creating a better customer satisfaction. Contact!
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