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design review; the art of making things that look good and work

by:Sibai      2020-02-29
Thanks to GLUECKJULY month, 2004 \'foam functional decision, \'said Andrew Morrison, the designer is responsible--are you ready? --
Foam football, a brightly colored non-pig skin that can be safely thrown around the living room.
In the beginning, he and his colleague designer Bruce Hanna threw football made of plastic foam into the studio while watching Sunday\'s football match.
A lot of foam football got tired of replacing it with a band saw later, and they decided to use them to test if there was a new craft, making seat mats in a cold way
The molded foam of the simple chair can also be done with fiberglass tools and more expensive metal.
No one knows if it works.
When trying out football, look! It did.
What surprised them even more was that bubble football began selling itself.
It was in 1972. football is now a semi-final.
Icon, appears in a program dedicated to alumni work, like Mr.
Mr. Morrison and
Hannah of industrial design project at Pratt Institute.
Known as \"corinart\'s Corvette: 60-year diversity of industrial design\", the exhibit at the Platt Manhattan gallery, organized by De Bella Johnson, chairman of the industrial design department, is much more than playing.
Other examples of the \"beauty\" presented by the designers include surgical stapler, car, aircraft interior, teapot, lighting, packaging, clock, tableware, telephone, furniture, food processor, a Korean War Memorial, A flexible sink, an Air
Pump lamps, jewelry, sports equipment, baby carriages, kitchen supplies and bidet. (
With football, Sir.
Mr. Morrison and
Hannah was also \"suspended seat system \"(1971)
Design for Noel
This is a beautiful sofa with aluminum extrusion frame which is easy to disassemble and uses the least material. )
Brooklyn ads
Prater research, based in Prater, is known for its industrial design project, which was founded in 1934 by designer and teacher Donald Dunner, got a push from two colleagues at Carnegie Institute of Technology Alexander Costello and his wife, Rovina Reid Costello.
After Alexander Costello, the goal of the project was to \"provide students with an organized approach to design mechanics, develop an understanding of design, structural elements, and control their organizational power, and the ability to apply this knowledge to situations when designing for self
Expression of the industry.
\'\'Vertisementtucker Viemeister, with a 1974 graduate program (
Named after-
His father, Reed, was involved in the design of Tucker\'s car)
, Defined in the interview included in the program news material: \"learn to give an idea in form, make things work, and make things more beautiful.
\"International activity, sir.
Viemeister is probably best known for his role in the production of OXO GoodGrips
Handle kitchen tools in exhibitions to make a smart life easierchallenged.
Other well-known alumni representing work at the exhibition include General Motors\'s Corvette C5 chief designer John cavaro (
Car enthusiasts can drool on a rather large model
Fashionable athletes);
Donald Gennaro, who designed the stylish Trimline touch in 1968-
West Telephone (sound)still in use);
164-Louis Nelsonfoot-
The long mural is one of the three elements of the Korean War Veterans Monument in Washington;
Charles Pollock, who designed an elegant streamlined padded leather Executive Chair for Noel in 1965, a classic in the furniture world.
Of course, Cuisinart for the title of the show is here ---
In both versions, Mark Harrison designed parts in 1970 and 1973 based on extensive handworkmotion studies.
The same is true of other familiar objects, such as Morrison kassins and Michael kassins (1978).
But a lot of things will surprise and wonder the audience.
Adapt to the world of design.
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For example, some items of wheels.
Kawasaki MK9, prototype of Andrew Serbinski (1996)
A motorcycle with a streamlined yellow hood, but with a lot of mechanical equipment.
This is a \"concept\" bike made of fiberglass, aluminum and stainless steel, suitable for riders who want \"high-rise and high-performance\", but also comfortable with spacious seats and relaxed riding positions.
\"A possible motorcycle rider in the future, Sir.
Serbinski also designed Quattro travel stroller (2002), a techy-
Stroller with parasol and feeding tray provides a \"parental comfort\" for mobile phones, glasses and other personal items \".
What is more unexpected is Mr.
The Coca-Cola cruiser of Viemeister (
2003, design with others), a four-wheel electric-
Electric scooters designed for the beverage industry.
Inspired by extreme motion, it is operated with feet, throttled and brake with hands, and can carry more than 120 cans of icecold drinks. (
It\'s a pity that it\'s only shown on the photo. )
It\'s not a means of transportation, but it\'s a Kila light with wheels, a small and bright light.
The red desk lamp designed by Harry Allen in 2003.
Its three rollers.
The slide wheel allows it to rotate on the shaft and can illuminate almost anything.
The more unusual items include Joel Hogg\'s crunchy flexible sink (1999)
, Comes with a silicone rubber basin whose sides can be folded up or down to create a unique shape.
The sink increases the safety factor for cleaning
Lift by eliminating corners and hard edges.
Lucia N. \'s eye clockDeRespinis (circa 1960)
Tell the time by moving the hand in the shape of the big eye, which may be inspired by the wellknown CBS logo. (Ms.
DeRespinis also designed a saturated orange and pink Dunkin\' Donuts logo of about 1980 based on her daughter\'s preference for birthday party decoration colors.
Still in use. )
Show beautiful objects, useful objects and try to be both an overview of American design.
But this is an engaging, content-rich introduction to this area and an ongoing contribution from Pratt to this area.
The ad \"cuisinart\'s Corvette: 60-year diversity of industrial design\" remains at the Platt Manhattan gallery on 144 West 14 th Street ,(212)461-
6000. until July 31.
Moved to the Schafler Gallery ,(718)636-
3473, located at the Brooklyn campus of Pratt College. 21 to Oct. 15.
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A version of this review was printed on page E00029 of the National edition on July 9, 2004 with the title: Design review;
The art of making things look good and working.
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