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Areca Leaf is a Medical Characteristic Natures gift

by:Sibai      2020-03-27
The various features of Areca palm leaf has been discussed as follows. Areca leaf Plates are sturdy, leak proof and can withstand hot and cold temperatures, including baking food and microwave. Areca leaf plates are strong enough to use with a knife and fork without risk of being punctured or leaked. Areca Leaf plates are chemical free disposable product which is fully biodegradable in a short period of time. The material does not react with the food and will not add any additional taste to food served. Areca leaf plates are a economical replacement for thermocol, paper and plastics disposables. Areca leaf disposable plates can be used along with cutleries without any possibility of damage. These are leak proof which enables and hence ideal for all types of liquid food. Areca palm leaf plates can be washed and used again for a limited time depending on how they are used. The forming of the plates involves no chemicals, resins, dyes or synthetic material. It begins with the collection of the palm leaf sheaths which are pressure washed. The clean fibre is then sterilized through a pre-heated molding process where the product acquires its shape. Palm Leaf Plates are made from the shedded leaves of the Areca Palm Tree. Palm Leaf Plates are100% natural. So thickness, color, texture will differ from plate to plate. No trees are chopped or cut at any stage during harvesting and plate making process. Palm Leaf Plates are alternate for plastic disposable Food trays and bowls. These areca palm leaf plates are widely available in differen shapes and sizes depending upon the need of use. The different shapes can be utilises to serve different food items depending upon the nature of the food item to be served. The main advantage of using these areca leaf plates is they are hygienic and are disposed of easily without making any pollution.
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