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Are you fed up from the daily routine life and

by:Sibai      2020-03-25
Whether you are coming with your family or friend, dhow cursing is indeed the best way of relaxing. You start noticing the refreshment from the time when you board on well-designed traditional dhow cruise of Dubai. The courteous onboard staff will be ready to say you welcome with welcome Arabic coffee that has a unique taste. You will be given a full plate of fresh dates so that you can explore the night beauty of life blood of city i.e. Dubai Creek along with the sweet taste of dates. The fun and excitement that you get here will hardly be accessible at any other area. Dhow Cruise Dubai tour is liked by not only locals but also by international guests. Fact is that every part of boat is designed in an eye catching manner. You would love to spend your time in each section of dhow. When you move to upper section then chill breeze welcomes you and surrounds your body. You start noticing that every muscle of your body is loosing up, it is all due to the peaceful and silent atmosphere of the upper deck. Once you have enjoyed the calm environment then definitely you need something exciting. Therefore, it is advisable to move to lower air conditioned deck that is decorated in such as stunning manner that you feel that you have landed at a royal palace. Different genres of songs are being played in this area and this rhythm adds fun into your life. You would like to have the sip of cold drinks or juices in this section till the time your dhow cruise dinner gets ready. A member of crew will call your for dinner that is generally being presented in the open air deck of dhow. There are three sections of dhow cruise dinner such as appetizers, national and international cuisines and desserts. You would love to taste the dishes of every section. Some packages bring additional section of food in the form of BBQ dhow cruise dinner. This section includes BBQ seafood, meat, beef and chicken dishes. It would be quite refreshing for you to enjoy this meal along with fresh juices and cold drinks; which you can order as much as you want.
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